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Easy Moussaka Recipe

Moussaka is a kind food that originally comes from Greek and Turkey but it also appears in some Mediterranean and Middle East. This food is served when it is still hot. The common materials of moussaka are ground beef, eggplants, seasonings and veggies. This food also becomes traditional food and if you visit countries that originated moussaka, you will not miss this food. But for you who have tasted it […]

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Ground Beef Easy Recipes

Protein is nutrition that body needs, some beverages that contain protein like egg, beans and meat. Ground beef is cheap beef that you can buy in many market places. This kind of beef is good to be cooked because its’ texture and nutrition. You can combine it with veggies or cook it as a main material. If you want to make meals with beef, you can use ground beef because […]

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How to make creative Christmas cookies recipes

Christmas is the most awaited moment because it is the moment when we can gather our family in such a warm atmosphere. Besides, it is the time to feed our family with special food of Christmas. Menu for Christmas is not only about meat or barbeque. When Christmas comes, you can make something different like cookies. You can make creative Christmas cookies recipes to drive your taste buds. For example, […]

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Simple Betty Crocker chicken noodle soup recipe

Both for women and men, cooking can be an interesting activity. People say that cooking can relief stress. However, some people still think that cooking is complicated because there are many steps to be followed. If that so, Betty Crocker chicken noodle soup recipe can be a good choice because it’s easy to make and won’t take much times. You can try chicken noodle soup recipe at home. It’s not […]

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Italian Recipes Easy

Italian food is one of popular cuisines in the world. If people visit Italy, they will not miss to have a meal there. Pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, pizza etc are Italian foods that are very popular. Olive oil and butter are materials mostly used for Italian cuisines. Simple and economical are characteristics of Italian foods. Thus, you can cook Italian food at your house if you want. You just need to […]

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Easy summer dessert recipes

Desert is served after main dish and if you like dessert with fresh taste especially when it’s summer, fruit desert is the best choice. A fresh fruit is tasty and it can also boost your mood. Actually, fresh fruits can be dessert without processing but if you want to add some unique taste, you can make it. Berries, orange or banana are great fruits for desert. You can add those […]

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Pasta Salad Recipes Easy

Do you like pasta and you want to make pasta salad by yourself? You may try to pick pasta salad recipe and try to practice it. Making pasta at home is not difficult because you can try to pick easy recipe pasta. Here is example of pasta recipe easy that you can try. The first you need to set aside materials that are like 1 8oz package pasta, ¼ cup […]

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Tips in making Martha Stewart panettone recipe

For those who have sweet teeth, panettone is unavoidable. It is sweet bread loaded with raisins and candied fruits that will satisfy your taste buds. It is good to be served on Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Actually, people enjoy it in almost all holiday. This sweet bread comes from Italy. Now it has been so popular among the food lovers because of its taste. However, people tend to avoid making […]

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Cooking raw food recipes easy

Raw food is fresh food that is not cooked before serving. It contains better nutrients than cooked foods. Thus it is good as foods for some on diet program. However you are not on diet program, you have to try consuming raw food because it’s good for your health. Actually, making raw food is not difficult because there are many raw food recipes easy to be practiced. You do not […]

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Easy recipes for lunch

Having nutrient lunch will help you to work or play in the afternoon. There for you need to get nutrient meals for your lunch. If you have enough time, you may go to the restaurant or café to get lunch. But if you have enough time and you stay at home, you can cook easy recipes for lunch. There are easy recipes that you can try at your house by […]